The CoinDesk Web3athon hackathon focuses on bringing awareness to partner grant/support programs to developers across web2 and web3! There has never been a better time to find support for your next project!

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<aside> 🤝 We are excited to have you participating! Please review the wiki below for information on timelines, sponsor resources, bounties, and grant information.


<aside> ✅ 💰T**here are 5 Sponsors, each with their own grand prize track for $25,000 or more! Over $150,000 in initial grants and bounties!

🧱Our friends at Ledger will provide FREE Ledger Nano-S devices to all winning team members!!!

🧪HEXENS will be doing code quality audits FREE for the winning teams!

🖼️LedgerLink Labs will offer free assistance with a pitch review for qualified teams!

In order to qualify to win a bounty:**

1️⃣ Projects should be Web3 by design 2️⃣ Projects must implement a sponsor’s technology. 3️⃣ Submissions should include a working prototype. 4️⃣ Github repos and product demos are encouraged. 5️⃣ Themes are across web3! The sky is the limit! (DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, Wallets, Metaverse, etc)


Bounties & Sponsor Resources:

Click the box below for information on each sponsor’s bounty/grant summary and dedicated resources:

Sponsors & Bounties

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Getting Started:

  1. 💻 Register on HackerEarth
  2. 🤝 Join the Discord server
  3. 👥 Review HackerEarth to join teams or form your own
  4. 💰 Review the sponsor bounties and judging criteria
  5. 🌟 Review the sponsor projects or suggestions for inspiration
  6. 🔍 Follow the sponsor's bounty carefully and get to BUIDLing!
  7. 📝 All projects must include the sponsor's technology to qualify
  8. 🎬 Code in Github preferrably
  9. 📚 Review the resources for each sponsor below to find all the information you need to make a successful project and find the sponsor judging criteria
  10. 💃 Join the hackathon kickoff on Discord on 4/17 @ 10 AM EST!
  11. 📣 Attend the virtual workshops and webinars for the sponsors starting 5/2.
  12. 👾 Get your **Developer Pass to Consensus 2023 before 4/17!**
  13. 👍 Be sure to work with sponsor’s teams on Discord!
  14. 👷‍♂️ Projects are due before 5/31/23 at 11:59 PM PST!

<aside> 🎉 The hackathon will kickoff on 4**/17/23 at 10AM ET on the Discord Voices channel of the CoinDesk Discord server!

Join us in Austin, TX April 26th-28th for Consensus 2023 brought to you by CoinDesk!



<aside> 👩‍🏫 **Find us on the ground in Austin, the week of 4/24-4/29!

Technical workshops will begin 5/2/23 and end 5/20/23.**


<aside> ⚠️ Project submissions are due before 11:59 PM PST on 5/31/23.


Hackathon Guide:

Start Here

Web3athon Rules

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Judging Criteria

Submission Guidelines for Web3athon 2.0

Web3athon Virtual Workshop Calendar

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Before April 17th

Inspiration Station

📣 Developer Pass to Consensus 2023

Web3athon FAQs

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1️⃣ **Create-web3-dapp in 4 minutes! Copy and paste!**

2️⃣  Ten days of Solidity!

3️⃣ Explore ideas for your Solana project!

<aside> 🤕 Need help? Create a ticket on Discord or email [email protected]


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