👉All projects must be web3 by design and use one or more sponsor’s technology in order to be eligible🕺🏻

🌟 Potential Impact: Does the project have the potential to fill a gap in the universe, and can it be frequently used by a large, growing, and diverse audience or market?

🚀 Novelty/Creativity: Does the project have unique and novel features? Does it solve a new problem in a creative way that puts a smile on people's faces?

💻 Technical Accomplishment: Is the code elegant, clean, and technically interesting? Is the project complete?

🎨 Design: How is the UX/UI/DX? Is it easy to use? If targeting developers, is the experience smooth and intuitive? Does the visual design delight you?

💼 Business Plan: Is the project sustainable? Does it have proper licensing? Is it creating staking, TVL infrastructure, or other utility for XDC? (required for Phase 2 award consideration)

🌟 Extra Points: Post your project on Github to introduce and share your new project with the developer community! Let the everyone know this project was a submission for the HackerEarth hackathon (#BUIDLtheFuture), what your project is about, live dApp, and other key features.

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